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Mad Money Stock Picks

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Mad Money stock picks for Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The following stocks were discussed on the Mad Money show:

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Dominion Resources has no history of paying dividends.

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** Dividend and stock performance were calculated by this web site, not transcribed from Mr. Cramer's comments.

Featured Stocks:
Jim Cramer was bullish on Starbucks.

Guest Interview:
Jim Cramer was bullish on Six Flags and Whole Foods Markets.

Discussed Stocks:
Cramer was bearish on Deere & Company and International Business Ma.

Lightning Round Stocks:
Jim Cramer was bullish on Acorda Therapeutics, Dominion Resources, MGM Resorts, Oaktree Capital Group and Schlumberger. He was bearish on B&G Foods, GoPro, Las Vegas Sands, Marketo and NextEra Energy.